What Is This Blog About?

Switft Fox ShemaConsider The Barking Fox a Christian blog of sorts.  It is a spiritual blog which takes a hard look at our world and tries to make sense of it from a biblical perspective.  My spiritual journey includes sojourns among Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Methodists, Anglicans, Catholics, and Jews, and I have a great appreciation for them all.  Since childhood I have professed a belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ (Messiah), God’s anointed savior of the whole world.  That is still my profession, although now I am more inclined to refer to my Savior by His Hebrew name and title, Yeshua ha Moshiach.  That’s because several years ago God began to lead me on a “Messianic” journey to examine the origins of biblical Christianity.  That quest has taken me to what has come to be known as the Hebrew roots of the faith.  Much of it looks Jewish, but that should not be a surprise.  Yeshua was a Jew, and He Himself explained that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22).  Jews have a special place in God’s plan, as the apostle Paul explained, because they have the oracles of God and many other special spiritual characteristics which the whole world needs (Romans 3:1-2; 9:1-5).  These are things that Christianity has generally missed due to our collective drift away from anything “Jewish” over the past 1,900 years. Now, however, God Himself is restoring this lost understanding through what I call the “Torah Awakening.” This awakening is helping Christians around the world learn more about our  Messiah’s identity and mission through such biblically-rooted practices as the feasts of Passover, Pentecost (Shavuot), and Tabernacles actually have a lot to teach us about .  To get to the blessings of that teaching we Christians must overcome centuries of anti-Jewish bias that has cut us of from the fullness of our identity in Messiah, and our identity in His (and our) father Abraham (Galatians 3:26-29).

For years I wrote on this Torah Awakening as a freelance blogger with no specific audience in mind. Now, by the grace of God, I have the blessing of contributing to several ministries and organizations, and sharing that content here. Some of these are Christian, some of Messianic or Hebrew Roots, but all are part of the work our Father is doing in answer to our prayers that His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.






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3 thoughts on “What Is This Blog About?”

  1. Huzzah! this is splendid Brother. This will definitely give you a broader platform to share your knowledge and educate others. May God bless you.


  2. Dear Barking Fox, I noticed you did not sojourn among Orthodox Christians in your spiritual journey. Why not? There you will find the fullness of the Christian faith – Jewish roots still intact.


    1. Shalom Louis!
      Thank you for your question. True, I have not spent much time among Orthodox Christians, not by conscious choice, but because for most of my life I never had opportunity to do so. I am grateful, however, for a US Navy Chaplain and Greek Orthodox priest who explained the Orthodox faith to a number of us when I was serving in Baghdad several years ago. At his invitation I did attend a service or two at which he presided, and came away with an appreciation of the depth of Orthodox Christianity. There is much that I would question, as is the case in every other Christian and Jewish tradition I have had the pleasure to examine, but there is also much to learn, and much that we have in common.


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